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Double Major Program
Applications to the double major programs have to be made through the ÖBİKAS system ( until 24.08.2022. For the Department of Mathematics, the application through ÖBİKAS is sufficient, you do not need to submit any further documents/information. The other department/faculty (the XXX department if you are applying to a XXX-MATH or MATH-XXX double major program) might require additional documents. Please check the relevant webpage. A document about the application procedure can be found here.

Double Major Advisors 


E-mail  :
Phone  :  +90 212 359 6832
Office   :  TB 140B


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Phone  :  +90 212 359 6535
Office   :  TB 260A

Double Major Programs: Brief Information

MATH-XXX double major programs. The following departments offer double major programs to the students of the Department of Mathematics: Please contact these departments for further information.

XXX-MATH double major programs. The Department of Mathematics offers double major programs to the students of the following departments:
  • all engineering departments (CE-MATH, ChE-MATH, CmpE-MATH, EE-MATH, IE-MATH, ME-MATH);
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics (BIO-MATH);
  • Economics (EC-MATH);
  • Philosophy (PHIL-MATH); and
  • Physics (PHYS-MATH).
Please see below for further information.

General. University-wide regulations regarding double major programs can be found here.

XXX-MATH Double Major Programs: Detailed Information

Eligibility criteria. In order to be eligible to apply to an XXX-MATH double major program, a student must satisfy the criteria here as well as the following conditions:
  • she must have passed MATH 101-102-201;
  • the weighed average of her grades on the MATH courses must be at least 3.25/4.00; and
  • she must have not failed or repeated (even if DC/DD) any MATH courses.
If she does not satisfy the third condition, then she must take MATH 231 and get at least a BB before applying to the double major program. (There are no such substitutes for the first two conditions.)

Students who plan to apply to the double major program and have not taken MATH 201 are strongly advised to take MATH 221 instead of MATH 201. This will prepare them better for the double major program and will also increase the students chances to be accepted to the double major program.

Program requirements. Students who are double majoring with Mathematics are required to take all of the courses in their original major program as well as the following MATH courses:
  • mass MATH courses (MATH 101-102-201 or 221-202);
  • required MATH courses (MATH 222, 231, 234, 323, 331, 338); and
  • elective MATH courses with codes 3xx or 4xx (three or four electives, see below).
The elective MATH courses (with codes 3xx or 4xx) that are required to complete each double major program are as follows:
  • BIO-MATH: see the BIO-MATH program below;
  • CE-MATH: two electives;
  • ChE-MATH: two electives;
  • CmpE-MATH: see the CmpE-MATH program below;
  • EC-MATH: see the EC-MATH program below;
  • EE-MATH: see the EE-MATH program below;
  • IE-MATH: see the IE-MATH program below;
  • ME-MATH: see the ME-MATH program below;
  • PHIL-MATH: see the PHIL-MATH program below; and
  • PHYS-MATH: two electives.
These electives must be approved by the double major advisor for their suitability. In other words, not all MATH courses (with codes 3xx or 4xx) count as electives for a given double major program.

Apart from these requirements, students are subject to the university-wide regulations regarding double major programs.

The curriculum of all double major programs is currently being revised, taking into account changes in the curricula of various departments. The finalized programs can be found here:

XXX-MATH Double Major Programs: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does the Department of Mathematics have a quota for double major students?
    No, there is no such upper bound on the number of double major students.
  • When can I apply to the double major program?
    The earliest you can apply is right before your third semester (if you have already passed MATH 201 or MATH 221). The latest you can apply is the first week of your fifth semester. Apart from these constraints, there is no application period or deadline.
  • What about irregular students?
    The same rules apply to irregular students, too.
  • I am student of a department that is not listed above. Is there any way I can double major with Mathematics?
    Double major programs can be initiated only with the decision of the University Senate. Exceptions are not possible. (If you are very passionate about mathematics, you might want to consider transferring to the Department of Mathematics.)
  • Is the GPA of a double major student computed separately for each major?
    No, a double major student has only one GPA. It is common for both majors.
  • What are the names, contents and prerequisites of the MATH courses that are required for completing the double major program?
    The codes of these courses are listed above. Please see the Departmental Course Catalogue for further information.
  • How should I place the MATH courses in my schedule? Which course should I take in which semester?
    This is one of the main challanges of being a double major student. Indeed, there will often be time conflicts between a required course of your original major and a required double major course. Apart from this, you might be an irregular student, take some courses during the Summer semester, or enroll in an Erasmus/Exchange program. Because of such factors, it is not meaningful for us to impose strict schedules for double major programs. Instead, we recommend that you meet with the double major advisor, especially during the registration week, to discuss these matters.
  • Can I take departmental MATH courses with codes 1xx or 2xx?
    Yes, you can take such courses (if there is no conflict of content with a course you have already taken), but they won't count as electives toward the requirement of the double major program.
  • MATH 222 is listed as one of the required courses of the double major program. However, it has MATH 111 as a prerequisite which is not part of the double major program. Am I supposed to take MATH 111, too?
    Once you are a double major student, you are exempt from such prerequisites. You can study and learn the contents of MATH 111 on your own. (You are free to take MATH 111 if you wish, but we do not think it is absolutely necessary.)
  • Can a double major MATH course be also counted as a complementary (CC) or elective course for my original major program? In other words, is it possible to kill two birds with one stone?
    Yes, if a double major MATH course is accepted as a CC or elective for your original major program, then it will satisfy that requirement, too. However, its credit will of course be counted only once. Note that, as stated here, the double major program is supposed to create at least 15 credits of overload on top of your original major program. You should take this into account while attempting to kill two birds with one stone.
  • I have read these questions and their answers, but I have another question.
    In that case, please send an e-mail to the double major advisor.